Our Post for the 2019 Pet Blogger Challenge

Join The 2019 Pet Blogger Challenge Here We're joining other pet bloggers for the 2019 Pet Blogger Challenge this week, and this is our first post towards the challenge. To keep it short & sweet, see all of our answers below For those who may be visiting your blog for the first time, how long … Continue reading Our Post for the 2019 Pet Blogger Challenge

Review: Kurgo Muted Floral Booster Seat

We bought a nice Kurgo Muted Floral Booster Seat from OfferUp a few months back and it was the best product we've had so far that we keep in our mini-van. The one pictured is a discontinued style but he fits so well in it! What I liked about it the most is that we … Continue reading Review: Kurgo Muted Floral Booster Seat

Progress Report: Kush is Potty Trained!

This morning, this little guy finally earned his 100% Potty Trained Gold Star! I woke up to some whining and banging against his wire crate from the 2nd story and rushed to let him out. We are several days and counting, ACCIDENT-FREE! If you're interested in learning how we've gotten him to this point, please … Continue reading Progress Report: Kush is Potty Trained!

Favorite Toy of the Week

We figured that we start a series of Favorite Toy of The Week - criteria being this is either a toy we've given them or one they're obsessed for the week. Most of our toys come from Ross, TJMAXX, Marshall's, Burlington, Macy's Backstage sometimes even yard/garage sales. I'm the type who will grab as many … Continue reading Favorite Toy of the Week

Happy New Year!!!

It's our first post of 2019 & we are excited to be alive and here in the present! First off, a little progress report. Kush is now at 5 months, and Kombo is 7 months. Here are some of their collective accomplishments (small steps to a strong a foundation, we like to say!): Socialized with a Cat! - Aka … Continue reading Happy New Year!!!

Thoughts on Skin Issues with Bully Breeds

When we first got Kombo, one of our first concerns was if she came from good stock. Why? Through the last few years we've learned that pit bulls, american bullies, staffies, frenchies, bulldogs, so on and so forth are breeds that are susceptible for skin issues - whether it's sensitive skin, allergies that cause irritations, … Continue reading Thoughts on Skin Issues with Bully Breeds